About Us

Our Approach

OPOV Band's approach is that we play music that people like to hear and that accommodates the mode of the event. Our philosophy is "right or wrong, everyone has a Point of View", therefore, we strive to produce our music in such a way that it expresses our listener's point of view about every song that we play.

Our Story

OPOV Band was established in 2014 and since then has become an official LLC, OPOV Band LLC.  We are a base 6 piece band, however, we do have the flexibility to add musicians and singers upon request. Our base pieces are Drums, Bass, Guitar, Keys, and a male and female vocalist.  Our musicians are seasoned and enjoy playing good clean music covering various genres such as R&B, Neo Soul, Pop, Country and Rock 'n' Roll. OPOV Band is a well established LLC band and ready to meet your musical entertainment needs. We can do music of any Genre if needed.