Alyssa Sumter

Singer - Alyssa Sumter
Singer - Alyssa Sumter (AJ)


OPOV Band gives you the vivacious, Alyssa J. Sumter, also known as “A.J.” She is one of four singers in OPOV Band and assumes a stage presence unique in her own right. Her sassy attitude brings life to those who experience her in her element. A.J. has been a member of OPOV Band for 3 years and during that time she has set the mark with her ability to “wow and engage” the crowd, make the shiest of brides break out of their shell and not to mention her ability to add elegance to any setting! With A.J.’s experience and eye for fashion, she is a key instrument in insuring OPOV Band is “always on point” and “hitting the mark” with their wardrobe. A.J. was raised among family members who were all musically inclined, which is large in part why she has loved singing since day one. She discovered her love for performing after her first solo. A.J. exclaimed, “seeing the congregation smile and cheer her on was an amazing feeling, surreal!

A.J. credits her parents for the natural, God given talent that she inherited from them, Earth, Wind and Fire for their musicianship and incredible harmonies, Diana Ross for her elegance and presence on stage. A.J. has had the pleasure of performing with artist, Kibibi James for 10 years. Together A.J. and Kibibi have written songs, filmed music videos and performed events during the Magic City Classic, held in Birmingham, AL. They also have a heavy fan following in the city of Birmingham. A.J. lends a hand in vocal coaching with Kibibi at “Becoming Stars Academy.” She has provided background vocals for blues artists and is currently a member of the “Strangers” band, where she performs with yet another fantastic group of musicians. A.J. admits that she’s a workaholic however; she loves personal shopping and yoga.

A.J. says that being a member of OPOV Band means the world to her. She loves how diverse the band is and how well everyone bonds as a unit. She stated that each member has their own original point of views and are free to express them. A.J. says, those are the things that create beautiful harmony. “The band is more than music, its family.”