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A night out with OPOV Band at Siluria Brewery. This is a coming back out 2021 celebration. Come out and have a great time and be entertained by Host, Hollywood Fat, and Stand-up Comedian Lawrence Jackson, and OPOV Band.

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Introducing OPOV Band’s New Male Singer

OPOV Band has the pleasure of introducing male Vocalist, Jeff Givhan. Jeff’s diverse vocal ability, energy and fun disposition is a great addition to the band as one of OPOV Band’s focal points is their interaction with their fans/followers. Simply put, Jeff is “people driven.”

Jeff expressed his eagerness to bring beautiful music to people during a time where our nation and the world has dealt with a lot of pain and uncertainty and music has a way of bringing us all together. Jeff wants to continue to grow in music, be an asset to OPOV Band and a continued supporter of those who love, need and live for the music that brings them hope and peace!

Jeff, OPOV Band Welcomes You!

Jeff Givhan

Jeff Givhan