Introducing OPOV Band’s New Members


Our new band members bring with them decades of professional music experience and unique skill.

Naomi, Jeff, and Danteus are new additions to OPOV Band after vocalists Alyssa Sumter, Tyler Thomas, and Carl Lewis has currently stepped away from performing with OPOV Band to focus on future endeavors.  

Naomi Brown
Naomi Brown

OPOV Band has the pleasure to introduce female Vocalist Naomi Brown. Naomi brings with her a vocal ability and range that is said to be both dynamic and smooth. Her cheerful and easygoing demeanor is a compliment to just how creative she truly is.  Naomi’s goal as a member of OPOV Band is to lend creative ideas that will help propel the band to the next level and to expand her musical repertoire and perfect her performance. 

Naomi, OPOV Band Welcomes You!
Jeff Givhan
Jeff Givhan

OPOV Band has the pleasure of introducing male Vocalist, Jeff Givhan. Jeff’s diverse vocal ability, energy and fun disposition is a great addition to the band as one of OPOV Band’s focal points is their interaction with their fans/followers. Simply put, Jeff is "people driven."

Jeff expressed his eagerness to bring beautiful music to people during a time where our nation and the world has dealt with a lot of pain and uncertainty and music has a way of bringing us all together. Jeff wants to continue to grow in music, be an asset to OPOV Band and a continued supporter of those who love, need and live for the music that brings them hope and peace!

Jeff, OPOV Band Welcomes You!

Danteus Brown
Danteus Brown

OPOV Band proudly introduces new addition, trumpet player, Danteus Brown. He brings with him a very vibrant and creative style to the band’s already amazing horn section. No doubt his spontaneous nature is sure to capture the ears and eyes of many.

Danteus is a believer of spreading good vibes and being a contributor of something great. He’s prepared to be a team player of OPOV Band and with ambition like his, we all look forward to experiencing just that!

Danteus, OPOV Band Welcomes You!