Nina Taswell

Singer - Nina Taswell
Singer - Nina Taswell


Right out of the “Magic City” of Birmingham, AL, OPOV Band welcomes Vocalist, Nina Ronyetta Taswell. As the newest member of OPOV Band, Nina brings a colorful palette of unique sound and vocal range in a professional and emotional manner. Nina discovered her love for music at the tender age of 3 years old. Her musical roots began to sprout and blossom while attending her home church, Morning Star Baptist Church where she was a member of both the junior and mass choirs. Nina credits her beautiful and talented Aunt, Mamie “Tina” Parker for helping her to settle into her voice as a singer and be confident in the message her gift relayed. Her upbringing and personal influences have certainly been musically involved; and while she has many artists and musicians whom she is inspired by, what she has learned is to be open to create outside of the box and not to limit your artistic ability.

Nina has been most inspired by Marvin Gaye, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston; the late Luther Vandross and Rev. James Moore. Nina participated in and was a member of the Gospel Music Workshop of America for 3 years, New Generation Choir, All about Christ Music Ministry, under the direction of Kelvin Parker and Ascending Voices Gospel Choir at the University of North Alabama. In 2001, Nina singed an artist development deal with Visual Records. She recorded and performed with them until 2003. Nina has written and continues to write original songs, has been featured on other artists’ projects and of course, loves to use her gift of music to minister at church.

Coming from a long family line of talented singers and musicians, it’s no surprise to most that Nina’s love and passion for music is one of her most noted qualities. Although music is Nina’s first love, she enjoys watching horror films, dancing, playing tennis and enjoying nature. When asked what she is looking forward to the most as a member of OPOV Band, Nina responded quickly by saying, “being a link in a strong musical family chain. We’re all very grounded and strong musicians with a spiritual foundation. That foundation is what confirmed for me that I am in the right place!” Nina is excited about writing original music with OPOV Band as well as reaching greater heights in the band realm by touching the seemingly , “untouchable” and sharing the message of “love” through music!