Tye Thomas

Singer - Tye Thomas
Tye on Stage


From the great city of Birmingham, AL, OPOV Band has had the pleasure of making great music memories with the vibrant and daring singer, Tyler Thomas. Tyler has been a member of OPOV Band for almost 2 years and in that time, she has proven to be that sweet and funny, “girl next door,” and can also give you classy and passionate while performing. Tyler has always been drawn to music. She started singing and playing the piano around age 6, however it was never something that she took seriously until recently and thereafter, has broken out of her shell as a musician. Tyler’s college friends used to refer to her as “Tye-panga,” in relation to the character Topanga on the 90’s hit show, “Boy Meets World.” She was compared to this character because Topanga was sweet spirited and Tyler exudes very identical vibes. Tyler’s musical influences are Erykah Badu, John Legend and Amy Winehouse, artists who songs Tyler refuses to skip on any playlist. In 2011, Tyler performed an Amy Winehouse song at the American Idol auditions in New Orleans, LA. After those auditions, she was noticed by several Bourbon street bars and clubs as a participant in the American Idol auditions and asked to sing for the crowd. Tyler is a very busy individual outside of performing with OPOV Band and when she can find the time, she can be found roller skating, traveling and watching football.

Tyler considers being a member of OPOV Band one of her greatest musical accomplishments. She has participated in college singing competitions, one of which she placed 2nd! Tyler says that particular competition was the first time she sang alone. Tyler says that being a member of OPOV Band is a great release for her. With her very busy schedule as a full-time Grad student, she always looks forward to reuniting with her OPOV fam and letting off some steam on stage. Tyler is looking forward to OPOV Band making more of grand social media presence and definitely being a part of large festivals, concerts and maybe, just maybe even performing with the awesome Pentatonix!