Dan Williams

Drummer - Dan Williams
Dan on the Drums


From the Great hills of Ashville, AL we introduce to you one of the best “pocket” Drummers you’ll experience, Dan “Big Country” Williams; OPOV Band’s drummer and one of the founding members OPOV Band. In the 6 years he’s been a member, Dan’s loud and funny personality has certain added a flare to the overall appeal of the band. Dan’s journey to becoming a great musician began at the Overcoming Church in Ashville, AL. While there, Dan’s technical abilities became polished and helped to groom him into a seasoned musician. Dan has studied the art of drumming through many individuals; however he has been most influenced by Quest Love of “The Roots.”

Dan will tell you quickly that he believes in working hard, achieving goals and striving forward; however in all of the responsibility that those things require, you have to set aside time to enjoy life. When he’s not working on new material for the band, Dan enjoys fishing, vacationing in Florida, cooking and catching up on his sleep. Dan is currently the Drummer at liberty Missionary Baptist Church. His passion for OPOV Band comes as no surprise as he has been one of the key players responsible for the band’s success. Dan expressed how thankful and blessed he’s been to have so many great musicians and singers alongside him, which have helped to really mature the band and progress in a positive direction. Dan ultimately wants to see OPOV Band travel worldwide, sharing great music and pouring into those who are exposed to it.